Club Membership


The Annual Subscription, apart from the canal, will be due on the 16th of June of each year and last for one calendar year, or in the event of a member joining partway through the year, the remainder of the calendar year. Members will not be able to fish until they have renewed their membership.

Membership for Cargill lake is now closed for 2022 and we are not accepting any new members. There are no restrictions on the river or the canal but the carp lake has enough members already. If you want to fish the Carp lake then please get in contact so we can put you on a waiting list. Please also be advised that membership to the Carp lake requires a recommendation from an existing member or else you will be refused.

Members who do not renew their subscriptions by June 30th will be deemed to have relinquished their membership and must therefore re-apply and the joining fee will then also apply.

Junior members are those who hold a junior E.A rod license on the date of application

The joining fee is a one-off payment as long as the membership is renewed at the appropriate time.

Payment – We accept payment by credit or debit card, Direct Debit or bank transfer.

To join or renew online, click on the relevant button below and complete your details.

For new members, please ensure you upload a photograph so that your photo card can be posted out to you.

A Rule book will be posted to you upon membership acceptance, although the Rules are published on this website. The onus is on new members to read and understand the rules and if they have any questions, to query them immediately as a member breaking the rules may be thrown off a venue and subject to disciplinary action.

There are six membership categories:

  • Full member: Those aged 18 to 64 on 16th June
  • Senior Citizen: Those aged 65 and over on 16th June.
  • Disabled member: Those in possession of a concessionary disabled rod license issued by the Environment Agency.
  • Young members: Those aged 14 to 16 on 16th June. *
  • Junior member: Young persons up to the age of 13 on 16th June. *
  • * = Juniors & Young members are not permitted to fish Cargill Lake unless accompanied at all times by an Adult member.

Membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee and all members must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence when fishing club waters.

New Joining Fee£20
Full Member£110
Senior Citizen / Disabled£55
Young Person 15-16 (no joining fee)£10
Junior - Under 13£0
Third Rod on Cargill Lake£35
Key to Cargill Lake (Deposit) Refundable when key returned£30
Replacement Membership Photo Card£5
River Only Ticket (No concessions. Joining Fee applicable)£60
Senior Citizen or Disabled£25
Junior  (under 16) £15
Day Tickets£5