Day & Guest Tickets

Day Tickets

Day Tickets are available for the Grand Union Canal from Lock no. 81 Batchworth Lock at Rickmansworth to Lock no. 87 Denham Deep Lock.  Maximum of two rods for one ticket.

You must purchase a ticket before commencing fishing and No fish are to be taken away.

If you purchase a ticket online you will receive a confirmation email, you will need to show this to any Bailiff upon request.

Do NOT fish near power lines or in Mooring areas and leave no litter.

Canal ticket£5.00 per day

Guest Tickets

Guest Tickets are available for other Fisheries but only Members can buy them and must accompany the Guest at all times.

River£5.00 per day
Cargill Lake (one day)£10.00
Cargill Lake (two day)£20.00